Watch Out, Hackers About! │ Watch Dogs 2!

So today i’m going to be talking about hacking… more specifically, watch dogs 2.

Watch Dogs 2 is definitely one of my top games, it’s got a great story that lasts quite a while, the missions are easy but there not hard enough for you to stop trying.

The missions are the type of missions that when you fail them you realise why, and get better at the game.

The best thing that comes to mind when i think of this game is the hacking, the hacking is absolutely the funnest thing in the game. From controlling cars, to shutting down the power and lights all around you… The good thing is you have quite a bit of space with the hacks, but not to much that it becomes unrealistic.

Another thing that gives this game its fame, is the free rome. I love free rome games, it gives you a sense of freedom, however games without free rome, just missions just gives of a confined vibe.

Image result for watch dogs 2

Another thing that i love about the free rome, is the depth of the game, your not just running around at the same level, there are hills, bridges ect… which give the game a much more free feeling.

So overall this amazing experience of a game receives a 5 star rating. However the age rating of the game currently is 18 years of age. Although this game does include violence and a bit of swearing, i do believe the level is a bit high, so in my opinion i’m lowering the level to a 16 age rating.

Thanks for reading!

See you guys later!


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