A game about jumping into haystacks. │ Assassins Creed: Syndicate Review!

First of all i want to say, if you guys don,t understand the title, so basically when your on the roof of a building you are able to “gracefully” jump of and land flat in a haystack… Its my favourite thing in the game! Anyway on with the blog, i hope you guys enjoy.

Image result for assassin's creed syndicate haystack

The game is set during the victorian era, and twins (Jacob and Eve Frye) fight for peace in London against the Templar gang. You have the ability to change character during free roam to either Jacob or Eve. The game is set in London and you are able to roam around London taking out different areas captured by the gangs, your main mission is to take out all captured areas and put the templar gang into extinction!

Image result for assassin's creed syndicate map

As you can see above on the map, there is a red area, this means the enemy gang still populate this area, and the non-red area is the area you’ve captured. Through out one area there are different buildings/places you have to take out before you can face the boss of that area, as you can see on the map, on the left hand side it shows a picture of the boss, in this case he has been killed, if his face is not red he is still alive!

Image result for assassin's creed syndicate cinematic

Overall i love assassins creed syndicate, being an assassin at all is cool (rhymes so it must be true), the graphics are awesome! the story is awesome! All of it is awesome! Even jumping into haystacks! I do recommend this game to you guys! its a real blast, and gives a great feeling of freedom!

Thanks for reading!


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