Hardest Game Ever │Portal 2 Review..

Portal 2 is an extremely fun puzzle game, that includes co-op levels, and level editor.

The story of this game is one of the best i have seen in any game. The graphics are good, the game mechanics are amazing, and the portal gun is awesome!

(Spoilers. Don’t read this section if you don’t want to find out the story.)

In the story of portal 2 you are a girl who is in an underground lab, you have to do different levels to try to defeat the main boss, however on your way through the levels you meet a kind and friendly robot called Wheatley. Wheatley helps you through the levels, and helps you get closer and closer to the boss. Eventually you come face to face with the boss (now the only way to defeat him is to put Wheatley’s mind in the main robot), so Wheatley is now controlling the whole factory, and you now think it’s all fine, but Wheatley suddenly goes mad with power and starts making the whole factory go crazy! And once again you have to beat the levels and destroy Wheatley.

Image result for portal 2 wheatley

So… Overall i think this game is a very fun game, it can be relaxing if your going through stress, but i mainly play it when i’m bored. The game has got good graphics, and great mechanics and story. I highly recommend this game to you guys if you like puzzle, its also co-op (i think i mentioned) so you can play with your friends.

Also one more thing, as i was writing this post we hit 100 views!! Thank you guys so much!

Thanks for reading i’ll see you guys later!


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