How Many Explosions in One Game? │ Just Cause 3 Review…

OK, so today i’m going to review just cause 3, or as i like to call it MOAE! Short for ‘Mother Of All Explosions’. Because… Well the game is about EXPLOSIONS!

Another thing that makes just cause 3 awesome is… *insert drum roll* the wing suit! This is undoubtedly the funnest thing ever! (Besides getting the biggest rocket launcher and exploding whole towns in one blast, something i will show you guys further on in the blog). And we can’t forget Rico’s (name of the main character) infinite parachute, or the grappling hook… If the wing suit wasn’t there, grappling hook you’d be my number 1!


As you can see above, wing suit! I’ll add in the screen shot of the huge rocket launcher at the end, so skip there if you want to see the huge explosion!

So now i’m going to talk about the story *spoiler* (although its been out since 2015, so i imagine everyone knows), so when you first start you are this man here named Rico Rodriguez.


You acquire different weapons thought different base, i think its random but i’m not sure. You go around the map (biggest map in the history of games, 400 square miles) and you take out different base to eventually take out the main base called Falco, and then you defeat the main boss who has started a huge war against the rebels.

Image result for just cause 3 map

Here’s the picture of the nuke rocket launcher by the way for those who were interested about it…


Anyway guys i’d like to say a huge thanks for 100 views, and for spending your time to read this!

See you guys later!


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