Ive waited for this game for nearly a year! │ Sea of Thieves!

Since it was announced in 2016 i’ve been waiting for the release of “Sea of Thieves”. An awesome pirate game where you and your crew look for treasure and ambush other who have already found it for you. In the latest news you can now shoot yourself in a cannon to board an enemy ship, ship wrecks have been added and so have sharks.

Now that they developers have announce its release in early 2018 i’m more excited for it than ever. I honestly cant wait till its release on PC!

Let me give you more of an explanation of the game. So you and your friends (up to 5) get a ship and you sail around the map looking for loot and treasure to sell at an island for money, however you are not the only one looking for treasure, in the map there are 3 other crews hunting you down and stealing the treasure from you. If you come across one of these ships you can engage in an epic battle, my favourite bit is that your able to board their ship through either swinging over with ropes or shooting yourself in a cannon.

Image result for sea of thieves cannon

If you don’t want to find the treasure you can just wait till the other crew come out with it and ambush them at the last second sink their ship and steal their treasure!

Thanks for reading! Ill be sure to post more about ‘Sea of Thieves’ as more features are announced leading up to its release.


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