Ive waited for this game for nearly a year! │ Sea of Thieves!

Since it was announced in 2016 i’ve been waiting for the release of “Sea of Thieves”. An awesome pirate game where you and your crew look for treasure and ambush other who have already found it for you. In the latest news you can now shoot yourself in a cannon to board an enemy ship, ship wrecks have been added and so have sharks.

Now that they developers have announce its release in early 2018 i’m more excited for it than ever. I honestly cant wait till its release on PC!

Let me give you more of an explanation of the game. So you and your friends (up to 5) get a ship and you sail around the map looking for loot and treasure to sell at an island for money, however you are not the only one looking for treasure, in the map there are 3 other crews hunting you down and stealing the treasure from you. If you come across one of these ships you can engage in an epic battle, my favourite bit is that your able to board their ship through either swinging over with ropes or shooting yourself in a cannon.

Image result for sea of thieves cannon

If you don’t want to find the treasure you can just wait till the other crew come out with it and ambush them at the last second sink their ship and steal their treasure!

Thanks for reading! Ill be sure to post more about ‘Sea of Thieves’ as more features are announced leading up to its release.


How Many Explosions in One Game? │ Just Cause 3 Review…

OK, so today i’m going to review just cause 3, or as i like to call it MOAE! Short for ‘Mother Of All Explosions’. Because… Well the game is about EXPLOSIONS!

Another thing that makes just cause 3 awesome is… *insert drum roll* the wing suit! This is undoubtedly the funnest thing ever! (Besides getting the biggest rocket launcher and exploding whole towns in one blast, something i will show you guys further on in the blog). And we can’t forget Rico’s (name of the main character) infinite parachute, or the grappling hook… If the wing suit wasn’t there, grappling hook you’d be my number 1!


As you can see above, wing suit! I’ll add in the screen shot of the huge rocket launcher at the end, so skip there if you want to see the huge explosion!

So now i’m going to talk about the story *spoiler* (although its been out since 2015, so i imagine everyone knows), so when you first start you are this man here named Rico Rodriguez.


You acquire different weapons thought different base, i think its random but i’m not sure. You go around the map (biggest map in the history of games, 400 square miles) and you take out different base to eventually take out the main base called Falco, and then you defeat the main boss who has started a huge war against the rebels.

Image result for just cause 3 map

Here’s the picture of the nuke rocket launcher by the way for those who were interested about it…


Anyway guys i’d like to say a huge thanks for 100 views, and for spending your time to read this!

See you guys later!

A game about jumping into haystacks. │ Assassins Creed: Syndicate Review!

First of all i want to say, if you guys don,t understand the title, so basically when your on the roof of a building you are able to “gracefully” jump of and land flat in a haystack… Its my favourite thing in the game! Anyway on with the blog, i hope you guys enjoy.

Image result for assassin's creed syndicate haystack

The game is set during the victorian era, and twins (Jacob and Eve Frye) fight for peace in London against the Templar gang. You have the ability to change character during free roam to either Jacob or Eve. The game is set in London and you are able to roam around London taking out different areas captured by the gangs, your main mission is to take out all captured areas and put the templar gang into extinction!

Image result for assassin's creed syndicate map

As you can see above on the map, there is a red area, this means the enemy gang still populate this area, and the non-red area is the area you’ve captured. Through out one area there are different buildings/places you have to take out before you can face the boss of that area, as you can see on the map, on the left hand side it shows a picture of the boss, in this case he has been killed, if his face is not red he is still alive!

Image result for assassin's creed syndicate cinematic

Overall i love assassins creed syndicate, being an assassin at all is cool (rhymes so it must be true), the graphics are awesome! the story is awesome! All of it is awesome! Even jumping into haystacks! I do recommend this game to you guys! its a real blast, and gives a great feeling of freedom!

Thanks for reading!

Hardest Game Ever │Portal 2 Review..

Portal 2 is an extremely fun puzzle game, that includes co-op levels, and level editor.

The story of this game is one of the best i have seen in any game. The graphics are good, the game mechanics are amazing, and the portal gun is awesome!

(Spoilers. Don’t read this section if you don’t want to find out the story.)

In the story of portal 2 you are a girl who is in an underground lab, you have to do different levels to try to defeat the main boss, however on your way through the levels you meet a kind and friendly robot called Wheatley. Wheatley helps you through the levels, and helps you get closer and closer to the boss. Eventually you come face to face with the boss (now the only way to defeat him is to put Wheatley’s mind in the main robot), so Wheatley is now controlling the whole factory, and you now think it’s all fine, but Wheatley suddenly goes mad with power and starts making the whole factory go crazy! And once again you have to beat the levels and destroy Wheatley.

Image result for portal 2 wheatley

So… Overall i think this game is a very fun game, it can be relaxing if your going through stress, but i mainly play it when i’m bored. The game has got good graphics, and great mechanics and story. I highly recommend this game to you guys if you like puzzle, its also co-op (i think i mentioned) so you can play with your friends.

Also one more thing, as i was writing this post we hit 100 views!! Thank you guys so much!

Thanks for reading i’ll see you guys later!

My Favourite FPS Game! │ Rainbow Six Siege Review

Hey guys! Today i’m going to be review ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ or ‘R6’ for short.

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Rainbow Six Siege is a first person, strategy used shooter. Unlike other first person shooters, this one involves team work and strategy to defeat the enemy team.

In R6 there are 2 sides, attack and defence…

In attack, players have to either capture the hostage or defuse the bomb, depending on what gamemode you play. Another way is to take out all of the enemy team.

In defence its the other way around, instead of capturing the hostage, you protect him, and instead of defusing the bomb you stop the enemy defusing it, and also killing the enemy team works just as well.

Image result for rainbow six siege

In R6 the are a total of 32 operators that include attack and defence. Each operator has a unique skill, or weapon. Some operators have drone, camera’s, thermal scopes, breaching charge, smoke grenades. It goes on and on basically.

Image result for rainbow six siege

Overall this game is immensely fun to play, and i highly recommend if you have a spare $15-$40 to spend. Despite the violence in the game, i think the teamwork and cooperation involved easily overwhelms the violence, as there is no first person shooting that can match the teamwork needed to win in this game.

Thanks for reading!

Come on GTA 6! │ GTA 5/GTA Online!

Grand Theft Auto 5 (or more commonly known as GTA 5) is without a doubt an extremely popular game among console, with currently over 75 million downloads and sales worldwide!

Image result for gta 5 cinematic pictures

GTA 5 was released by rockstar games on the 17th of September, 2013 to console and PC. it was the biggest game of its time, and still is currently one of the biggest to this day.

This game was a huge leap for the history of games going from graphics like ‘Mario World’, to the sort of graphics above ^. This free rome game included 3 main characters (Michael, Franklin and Trevor), with a huge story line, and also online multiplayer.

On the first day of release the US earned $800 MILLION, and on the first 3 days it earned an outstanding $1 BILLION! This get the achievement for one of the best selling video games of all time!

On the 18th of November, 2014 the game was released to PS4 and Xbox 1, having already been released to PS3 and Xbox 360… And on the 14th of April, 2015 was released for Microsoft Windows (aka computers).

Image result for GTA 5 online

GTA online was released on 1st of October, 2013 by Rockstar Games for PS3 and Xbox 360, then on the 18th November, 2014 for PS4 and Xbox 1, and half a year later on the 14th April, 2015 it was available for download on the PC.

GTA Online has over 33 Million players in 224 different countries, an approximate 422,124,680 vehicles owned, 341,913,222 weapons owned across the whole of GTA. A lot basically. Finally the most jaw dropping fact of all. Overall 2,330,825,301 hours played from a total of 224 different countries.

Image result for GTA 5

Overall GTA5 and or GTA Online gets a 5 star rating from me… The age rating currently it 18, and thats the way it shall stay in my opinion.

Thanks so much for reading!

See you guys later!


Watch Out, Hackers About! │ Watch Dogs 2!

So today i’m going to be talking about hacking… more specifically, watch dogs 2.

Watch Dogs 2 is definitely one of my top games, it’s got a great story that lasts quite a while, the missions are easy but there not hard enough for you to stop trying.

The missions are the type of missions that when you fail them you realise why, and get better at the game.

The best thing that comes to mind when i think of this game is the hacking, the hacking is absolutely the funnest thing in the game. From controlling cars, to shutting down the power and lights all around you… The good thing is you have quite a bit of space with the hacks, but not to much that it becomes unrealistic.

Another thing that gives this game its fame, is the free rome. I love free rome games, it gives you a sense of freedom, however games without free rome, just missions just gives of a confined vibe.

Image result for watch dogs 2

Another thing that i love about the free rome, is the depth of the game, your not just running around at the same level, there are hills, bridges ect… which give the game a much more free feeling.

So overall this amazing experience of a game receives a 5 star rating. However the age rating of the game currently is 18 years of age. Although this game does include violence and a bit of swearing, i do believe the level is a bit high, so in my opinion i’m lowering the level to a 16 age rating.

Thanks for reading!

See you guys later!