Most Hated Game Ever! │ No Man’s Sky

Undoubtedly the most hated game known to mankind…

Not much is needed to be said about this game to be honest. It all started when their game was announced and there was tons of hype leading up to the game, then the release date it was all quite, then a couple days after people were furious that the game was a rip off, and like most other games the trailer had been made to look much better than the actual game.

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The game itself had a good story, you start of stranded and have to build your space ship, but honestly i think the developers got bored and started putting less effort into it towards the end, which is why people started hating it so bad.

The main thing that caught peoples attention was when they say “infinite planets to explore”. However they don’t say that the planets are completely the same, no difference.

That’s what people got annoyed about the repetitiveness of the game, no originality

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Overall the game is terrible (in my opinion, yours may differ). The game gets very boring after the first 1 million planets you find that all look the same…


First Blog Post!

Hi guys, just to let you know i will also be posting games in development, and talk about the hype leading up to them, and if i think it’ll be a good game!